Valledupar- a city that has not progressed due to Political wars, Corruption and a human state of “siesta”

farmValledupar is the Capital city of the department of El Cesar, located in the Northern part of Colombia where Latin Organics roots started. It is a valley where the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta- area where Latin Organics coffee is grown- stretches out to rest. Martha Bowen's family owns a cattle farm only 15 minutes away from Valledupar. This cattle farm has been dormant for three decades. In November, 2010 - 80 homeless family's tried to invade four hectares of this private land- stating that the owners did not need the land because they live "abroad". The irony of all this is that the Bowen family left Colombia due to kidnapping and other security issues. Latin Organics is a company incorporated in Canada and founded by Martha Bowen- precisely with the vision to alleviate poverty in Colombia. In the same way that Latin Organics has taken care of its coffee beans- a plan has been laid out for the farm. At present this family owned farm presents a unique offering of flora and fauna not found in any other nearby locations. This farm continues to protect ancient trees and native plants-an oasis of oxygen for the region. An organic grass fed cattle operation will be started on this land- in the same way that Martha Bowen's grandfather Jacob M Luque operated. This will make Latin Organics existence a little bit more exciting as this cattle farm will provide jobs for many people and their family's so that they may work towards having a home. We all need to strive for social equality, zero tolerance towards corruption in our leaders and an end to the brutal man made race called "greed". Here is a Latin Organics espresso to that!

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